Thanks for stopping by my About page!

My name is Menno, and I run the site here:

Like many of you out there, I was first introduced to Nail Designs and the professional nail salons by my wife a few years ago.  I’ve always loved the women with beautiful and mostly extended Acrylic Nail designs.  My wife always had the latest designs to stand out with. And I really got hooked on the many designs out there. So I dove in the world of nails by exploring the internet. And after I did some searching for the latest hot designs I got confused by the overwhelming number of sites displaying their designs.

As time went on, I’m almost embarrassed to say I got more and more confused that the designs I liked were so difficult to choose for.  So, I decided it was time for a change…I needed a good way to search and select the latest designs!

I found myself looking for an Acrylic Nail Design online, and what I found was A LOT of information and TONS of options!  In fact, it was so much information, that I felt a bit overwhelmed.  I wanted something where I could compare prices, ratings, materials sizes, material quality, and more in an easy to read and use format.  Now, while there are a lot of lists or Youtube videos from people sharing what their opinions of what the best designs on the market are; I saw these as just that…opinions.

I appreciate opinions, but I also like looking at the cold hard fact and comparing directly.  Dissatisfied with the lack of comparison guides for Design guides out there, I decided to create my own.  After spending many hours of research and analysis, I’ve put together a Pinterest site what I call:

menno acrylic nail designs

Its a comprehensive site with 34 boards containing more then 1600 pins all categories by a daily or special occasions that can give you inspiration for stylish and creative nail designs.

So, I’m not a Nail junkie…yet! (I don’t think there is anyone out that has tried every design on the market.  And if they have, they are likely out killing their dinner rather than blogging about it).  But I feel like I’ve provided a valuable resource based on the available information that is out running wild on the inter webs.

My goal with the site here is to give you the information you need in an easy to digest format so that you can make the best possible nail design buying decision based on what matters to YOU.  Yes, I’ll be providing my own opinions and input along the way, but when it comes right down to it, you might be more concerned with price than the thickness of the tps.

As I do more research, I’ll be providing in-depth reviews of Acrylic nail tips, videos of my own tests with different material, and more comparative analysis.

In short, I hope my site here with help you find the best nail design for you.