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Choosing the perfect color for your nails is challenging, especially when the color has to match with your outfit. Picking just the color is not enough because there are more things that make your choice more complex, you also have to decide for the finishing touch, a glossy or matte finish to name one.
There are more options to choose from a few options are do you want glitter or not or do you want to apply art or do you just want plain color, also the drying time can be a factor. A very important>nt factor is also the safety and toxic level of the ingredients used in the products which come into play when you often use those products or when you are pregnant or not. Most products, however, have to comply with recently agreed safety regulations.
Before you select the color you should also consider how this will match with your other outfit and with the occasion, there are special occasions like weddings or going out for a night with a friend. There are so many different occasions where you want to make the right choice to be original in your total appearance. Also choosing the color that suits your specific needs can be vital to ensure a satisfying polish job.

Nail Finishes

Several types and brands of polish products and polish finishes products are available nowadays that will make your choice to get the personal suitable results you want not easier. Each product type serves a specific quality and purpose. Many polishes work, also including designs and art require a few products more to complete.

Product Ideal Use

Nail polish Coloring and designs creation
Base coating Preparation layer on the naked nails to start with
Top coating Protecting polish and designs
Pre-designed artificial nails For fast art jobs mostly for special occasions
Nail polish sheets For fast nail colorwork
Nail art products For accents suitable for several occasions

It is important that you have all necessary products with you when you start your work, especially if it involves designs or art. Lacking products can lead to a non-desirable outcome. To make your decision for the necessary products easier you can consider the following category.

Nail Polish

Nail polish is the basic type. Most people are familiar with those bottles. It comes in a vast variety of colors and finishes. Before buying those products, the first decision is usually the color. All shades of blue, red, pink, purple, mauve, brown, green, and orange are the basic choice. Once you choose your color also the finishing product has to be selected. Glossy finishing is one of the most chosen types of finish for your nails. There is also another kind of finishers like matte, shiny, metallic, glitter and shimmer finishes.

Product Ideal Use
Nail polish Coloring and designs creation
Base coating Preparation layer on the naked nails to start with
Top coating Protecting polish and designs
Pre-designed artificial nails For fast art jobs mostly for special occasions
Nail polish sheets For fast nail colorwork
Nail art products For accents suitable for several occasions

Base Coating

Apply a coating on the bare nails before nail polish or lacquer or other art products. There are some base coats that contain conditioners that help to keep the nails healthy and strong and helps to keep them from diseases by adding antibacterial additives.

Top Coating

To protect the nail from being easily chipped or damaged it is best to apply a top coating layer when the artwork on your nails is finished. Top coating is available in quick drying or normal drying variants. It is also possible to buy a variety of top coating products that match the nail polish finishers.
For a long-lasting manicure or pedicure with polish, a base and top coating is absolutely necessary. Use always top quality coating products because other or lower quality levels will cause the appearance look yellower over time.

Pre-designed Artificial Nails

Pre-designed artificial nails are an option for those who are in a hurry and want a quick nail job. It’s not ideal for daily use because they are very likely to drop off, but in some situations, it’s a good option. Pre-designed artificial nails come as a wide variety of prints, patterns or solid colors. You attach it on the nail by using special double-sticking tape or just glue alone. Sometimes these products come with the adhesive tape already applied for your convenience.

Nail Polish Sheets

People who are in a hurry can buy Nail polish sheets instead as a viable option to do their nails because for this there is no time needed for drying. These products come as stickers that are easily pressed on the nails. Good quality sheets will just last just longer than regular nail polish products. The NP-sheets are available with a solid color or as patterns and jeweled designs. Adding nail rhinestone or other additives is not recommended when you use NP-sheets. For removing NP-sheets after a while you need to use NP remover.

Nail Art Products

Products that add a finishing touch on finger and toenails are called Nail Art Products. These products are available in a variety of nice designs from glitter to sticking-on gemstones. There are also templates as stencils available to guide you painting your designs on your nails when normal stickers or another adornment does not satisfy properly. Nail art products are available for many situations, but you have to take care not to stuck your designs on something like clothing or something like that because it can lift off the nail design which will cause your nails to look odd.

Buying Nail Color on Amazon

There are plethoras of nail color products for sale from Amazon. From lacquer to NP-sheets, find your preferred products by using the known search features. Also on this website,, are here and their links implemented which will lead you directly to your desired page and often you’ll find special deals and offers there as well. When you need the Nail Products quickly, select the supplier lead time you require.


When it comes to treating your nails, there is a wide range of products available. Basic nail polish and lacquer, nail strips, designs, art, glitter, and rhinestone are only a small selection of products available on the market today so this website tries to help you make the right decision. Before starting any nail job, especially when it involves art or designs, it is important to keep all the required products at hand to finish the job properly. Finding those products on Amazon helps to you to select the right deals for you.
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You love original design ideas for your fingernails

Although designs may seem like a fairly new invention, they have been around for centuries when the Egyptians used vivid pigments combined with berries to add color and effects to their fingernails and toenails. The three most common nail art methods used in salons and DIY nail art kits are airbrushing using a stencil and airbrush, freehand drawing with nail polish or simply nail art stickers. Whatever method you choose to turn your ideas into reality, you must have the utmost patience and pay meticulous attention to detail in order to achieve envious results. While some women prefer to embossed art designs such as floral and seasonal patterns on their nails, some desire to emboss their stick-on nails with elegant and small jewel stickers, but in the end, your depends on how far your imagination can wander! The ideas for easy designs at home are endless, from subtle nail art stickers to creativity that raises eyebrows, and the best part is that they are fun for young and old and everyone in between. Without further delay, let’s take a look at a few easy ideas for beginners that can be created from the comfort of your home and cost efficiently. Before you begin decorating your nails, they should be clean and trimmed. The first layer or the base coat is the stepping stone to ensure your design is laid out remarkably. You can create easy designs by first applying nail polish and not cheap nail polish, which will simply hinder your overall creativity, and for shiny nails simply add glitter to the solution. After you’ve applied your creativity to your nails, it is recommended that you apply a final coat of polish to ensure its durability.

Glitter Designs

Just as the title states, these types of creations are often a combination of funky styles that are created with glitter combined with nail polish. For this type of techniques, you will need some colored or transparent base coat, and glitter to suit (preferable colored or silver). Start off by applying the base coat evenly and apply the glitter of your choice while the base coating is still wet. Sprinkle the glitter in small shapes or create the design of your choice immediately, because it can’t be altered once the nail polish dries up. To achieve a glossy effect, apply a thin coat of transparent nail enamel over your dried nails, and you’re all set to boast.

French Tips

Sometimes referred to as French manicure, French tips are probably the most common and easy way to create designs at home. You will need a white or light nail polish, transparent tape, and nail enamel. If you don’t have cello tape, you can use your own imagination to paint the tips. First paint the nail completely with your desired nail polish. Then after they are completely dry, cover the nails with the transparent tape until you reach 3/4th of each nail. Then apply a fresh coat of white nail polish to the tips and let it dry. Once dry, apply a coat of transparent enamel for a glossy look.

Newspaper Nail Design

This type of design is definitely unique, and all you’ll need is a newspaper, rubbing alcohol, transparent nail enamel and gray polish for the backdrop. Pour some rubbing alcohol into a bowl and set aside. Apply an even coat of gray nail polish to your nails. Immerse your nails in the bowl with rubbing alcohol for approximately a minute, and then remove and paste a printed clipping of a newspaper on the nail until the print is visible. Let it dry thoroughly, and add a smooth layer of the transparent enamel for a glossy effect.

Nail Stickers

Cost Efficient and Simple Nail Art Designs Sometimes referred to as nail art decals, nail stickers are the simplest way to create fabulous designs and can be done from the comfort of your home. These stickers are generally available in small packages at your nearest department store and can be applied to bare or polished nails. However, it is recommended that you first place a fresh coat of nail polish for the stickers to cement tenaciously. What makes nail stickers cost efficient is that they are available in a plethora of designs that are often more detailed than other nail art designs ideas including Christmas and other seasonal designs. These can be removed easily at home, which will save you hundreds of dollars in expensive visits to the salon.

Freehand designs

They can look nice as well, but this completely depends on your artistic acumen. The cost to apply freehand nail designs is generally cheaper than acrylic or gel nails, and again, you can remove it easily without any heartbreak. Airbrush art designs are another way to get yourself some appealing fingernails but are usually rendered at a salon by a nail technician. Although airbrushing can be applied to your natural nails, it is often done on gel or acrylic nails. There are a number of DIY design ideas that are easy to create, with water marble gaining momentum in the past few years. Reason being is this design is not only easy to apply but is done with a few household items so there are no additional costs involved. For the water marble easy nail design effect, simply take a cup of water, mix your desired nail polish and create your design with a pin or toothpick. Then immerse your nails in the water and keep steady for 4-5 minutes, remove and you will see your ideas come to life. Some other modern nail art designs include piercings, adding gems and tattoos. Designs are trendy and a great way to achieve a sophisticated look.7

Polish Removers

For removing nail polish or enamel from the surface of the nail plate. Note: polish remover formulas sometimes come with acetone but the general idea is that these acetone based polish removers can be safely applied on natural nails but some people prefer to use on artificial nail surfaces a non-acetone based polish remover

Nail Art Techniques – nail dotting and sponging

Having your nails professionally done is one of the best feelings in the world and can do wonders to help you feel better about your overall look. Unfortunately, if you are on a tight budget, going to a nail salon may not always be possible or financially feasible. Doing your own nails can be easy enough if you have the time and patience. Simply painting your nails a solid color does not have to be your only option. Instead, try learning about new nail art techniques that you can master in order to spice up your nails and give you a sassy and fun new look. Dotting is one of the most simple techniques you can learn to add a fresh and creative look for your nails. Instead of investing in a nail tool to accomplish this look, you can use the end of a bobby pin or a sewing needle pin. If you are precise with your hand control, you can even try using a thin paintbrush to create dotting. Once you have decided on a tool, you will want to then determine the pattern and color of your dots. It is nice to give a good contrast, like white dots on a blue base, but it is entirely up to you how fashionable you want to get. If done properly, the end result will be bright and fabulous. Another super simple nail art technique is sponging. The thing that makes sponging so easy is the fact that there is really no right or wrong way to go about doing it. All you really need is a sponge, just like the name implies. You can take a regularly sized sponge and cut off pieces of it as you need it, just making sure that one side of the piece is flat. You then will take two different color polishes and a top coat for a clean finish. Paint your nails with the lighter of the two colors first and wait for it to dry. After that, take a little bit of each color and pour them on a flat surface next to each other. Starting where the two colors meet, begin swirling them together. Dab your sponge directly on the polishes, and then proceed to dab it on each of your nails, slowly moving it up and down. This will create a gorgeous gradient effect that looks both trendy and like salon quality. Even though you love having our nails done, you do not have to break the bank to do it. After you have successfully mastered these two simple nail art techniques, you will be confident and ready to continue taking your nails to a whole new level.

What’s all about 3D Acrylic Nail Art

3D Acrylic Nail Art Molds are made of top quality, elastic silicone rubber. Easily made custom designs by being able to select from any color acrylic like neon or sparkling. Used with any brand acrylic and fluid, they perfectly depict even the tiny details. 3D Acrylic Nail Art Molds are unique, natural to use and standard for combining with other art techniques like stones, dust and more. The molds are loaded in with acrylic and allowed to harden into elaborate three-dimensional nail art pieces. Reusable acrylic nail design molds in different styles for you to select from. Mix and match elements from each of the various molds to make an unlimited amount of custom 3D-Acrylic nail designs. 3D elements may be fruitful directly to the nail or applied with glue. Not every people can grow long and potential nails. There are several who have brittle nails, and having this kind of nail can be disappointing. No matter how you developed them, they just recess and chip off easily. Although there are several gifted with durable nails, the disturbance is they are not cautious with it. As for example, to do rough jobs at the time of not wearing gloves has the trend of breaking the nails. For the people who want to have long beautiful nails in an urgent, you may try to wear 3D Acrylic Nail Art. This state-of-the-art processing is made of synthetic materials in which acrylic are added, a moldable material which may be shaped into a desired shape, size, and length. With this, you may have stunning beautiful nails.

The best thing about 3D acrylic nail art

is that you do not need to develop your nails. They may be embedded immediately in your nails in the method of curing. Not only that, it saves your natural nails from separation. They are attainable in a wide array of selections. 3D-acrylic nail designs Fruits and flowers are just a case of designs that may be put on your nails. Semi-precious stones and small gems may also be placed on your nails. Swarovski crystals are hot vendors when it comes to accessorizing the nails. Those stones may crystals can spice-up the look of your nails. Not only that, they include emphasis so that many people will see it beauty. Since acrylic is acquainted with its durability of it, many nail salons are exercising them. Most of the clients want to have this kind of synthetic nails. If you are trying to create one it is possible but maybe a little hard especially for Abecedarian. The only way to appropriate this technique for 3D-acrylic nail art is to keep on practicing and using a huge imagination when making one. There are a lot of tutorials you may get to learn acrylic nail designs. Like for instance, lifestyle channels on televisions, some charm books, and in the internet. The purpose of 3D acrylic nail art is to give smiles to people who wear them. Have one today and see the amazing results.

Pros and Cons of Acrylic Nails – Are they Right for you?

There’s no doubt that acrylic nails are absolutely fabulous but just like the saying goes “Not all that Glitters is Gold”, they do possess a few flaws that can be easily ironed out. These types of nail extensions have become increasingly popular in the past few years and for good reasons, but are they right for you? The question of whether these stick-on nails are a perfect fit can only be answered by a manicure professional or yours truly. But there are a few aspects to consider that will help you make the best choice. There are several pros and cons of acrylic nails, and where some individuals may feel they are the best thing, others would beg to differ. Starting off now with a brighter note, acrylic nails are known to be extremely durable, which is great for those who just can’t seem to keep away from household chores such as gardening, doing dishes, etc as they shield their natural growth from any hazards.

Acrylic nails

Are also great for individuals who often bite their nails or those whose natural nails are prone to peeling and splitting. These nails tend to hold up longer than natural nails and are much sleeker and stronger when given the proper attention. So durability is the most prevalent factor for those considering stick on-nails, and we can’t agree more. Although acrylic nails provide a robust shield for the nails they are not the ultimate solution for every circumstance. Furthermore, in the event of ripping and twisting these types of nails, may cause severe damage to your natural nails, and not to mention the pain associated with it. Also, however acrylic nails may be durable, it is recommended that you take some level of caution into account when removing or replacing them as the bonding material may prove detrimental to the natural nail, if not removed correctly. Acrylic nails can have a fake look compared to natural nails But this completely depends on the quality of nails and whether personally or professionally applied. An experienced artistic nail technician uses proven techniques and tools to make your acrylic nails look as close to natural, and at most times even they offer discounts on regular maintenance visits. This not only ensures that your nails are gleaming at all times but also increases the longevity of your natural nails by keeping away germs and fungus buildup that would otherwise occur. When you apply them for the first time These stick-on nails do need to be regularly maintained, which may be time-consuming and not worth these extra efforts. Some types of acrylic nails exemplify strong odors from the paint, which may cause irritation for some people, especially those suffering from breathing disorders or who are sensitive to chemicals. At the time of application, many acrylic nail art salons will increase the ventilation in the room to temporarily diffuse the odor, which is not a permanent solution. Stick on nails can be a great aesthetical enhancement for both young and old, but it is always good to know the pros and cons of acrylic nails before investing in them. Hopefully, this article contributes to you to make the right decision, and on this site, there are more articles which can give you more solid background before you decide anything. Good luck.

Difference between Acrylic and Gel Nails

Good news is that most women can easily distinguish the two apart, but for those who can’t, the following tips will definitely prove helpful. The common aspects of both acrylic and gel nails is that they can strengthen fragile, peeling, brittle nails, and add length to shorter stick on or natural nails. There are several reasons for applying acrylic or gel nails including a boost in confidence, aesthetic improvements and not to mention the unsurpassed relaxing experience at the salon.

Acrylic Stick on Nails – Still a Preferred Choice for many Women

Acrylic nails have been a popular choice ever since their inception, and are simply fabulous stick on nail tips that are placed over your natural growth to increase their strength and length. These types of nails are more preferred over their gel counterparts simply because of the fascinating improvements made to them since their existence, and the fact that most nail art technicians have extensive experience in their application and maintenance. The application of artificial nail extensions is a crucial process as they may not seem pleasing and look unnatural if laid out incorrectly. This is why it is highly recommended that you visit a trusted salon to get acrylic nails, and not treat it as a DIY exercise at home especially if you’re wearing them for the first time. Acrylic nails are easy to remove and is simply done by soaking them in nail polish remover, and they come off seamlessly. There are however some instances where these nails may be cemented tenaciously especially if you’ve worn them for a while and these instances will require professional consultation to get rid of the acrylics, and may even be a painful experience. Another perk of acrylic nails and definitely worth mentioning is that if one does wear off, it can be easily replaced with a few tools at home or cost efficiently at a nail art salon. Furthermore, with proper maintenance acrylic nails tend to last longer than gel nails, and are generally cheaper as well, which definitely helps in this economic climate. The downside of acrylic nails, as opposed to gel nails, is that they do not promote healthy natural nail growth, and may cause severe damage underneath if neglected.

Gel Stick on Nails – Rapidly gaining popularity

While there are several benefits of artificial nails, gel nails definitely have a few advantages of their own to boast. The biggest and most convincing aspect to get gel nails is that they look like the real deal, especially if done right. Reason for this is that when applied, gel nails are thinner and flexible than acrylics, which is also why they are able to cement to your natural nails more quickly. Another benefit of gel nails, as opposed to acrylics, is that there is less filing involved during the application process, and the glue used for the nail bed does not exude any strong odor. Unlike acrylic nails, gel nails do promote natural nail growth, and most women often get them as a protective layer until their desired length is achieved. The major pitfalls of gel nails are that they are not as robust as acrylics and do tend to be more expensive, but if you’re looking to achieve a lightweight, natural, appealing feel, they are definitely an unrivaled choice. The above factors will help you determine which type of nails is best for you. But a rule of thumb is that if you’re looking for French tips, manicure and if you aren’t doing any household such as gardening, etc, gel nails are an excellent choice. But if you’re looking for strength, cost efficiency and functionality, acrylic nails are a better option. With a plethora of choices and designs, choosing between natural, gel and acrylic nails may be quite overwhelming, but the guide below will help you make a perfect choice. Read this page for more information about the difference between Acrylic and Gel nails.