What brand is a good nail polish nowadays?


Currently, we’ve been using polishes, but how can we qualify a brand as being good, does it has to stay long or very long (on toes or fingers, is there a difference?). And what are the better brands in terms of quality? What are the best brands available?
Maybe go with OPI. This brand is always coming out with new appealing collections, with the best and recent color ranges. What is the best?
Okay, OPI is pretty awesome, but I think it is way overrated by most people. What makes a polish ‘safe’: the chemicals used for the manufacturing process? Nail polishes are basically all made with the same basic chemicals and the variation is in the details of these chemicals. It’s the quantity and kind of the chemicals used, and also the manufacturing the process in which these chemicals determine the resulting polish which ends up in different terms of quality – the price tag for a specific brand is not the most determent for the qualification. Most polishes available cost only a couple dollars with more or less equal quality – some cheaper brands score better than the more expensive brands.

This was about the polish part. Important, of course. But you guessed it already there is much more to qualify a product. At first, you have to start always with highly clean nails. Make sure the cuticles are pushed back and that the nail bed has no leftover cuticle residue’s. Clean your nails with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol or you can use polish remover on a fluff-free nail wiper and clean your nails short before applying polish on your nails. Scrub all your nails very well, and be sure to clean the entire surface of the nail including the cuticle area and the side-walls (the sides of the nails where the skin touches the nail). The goal is to remove as much natural body oils and grease and other contaminations from your natural nails and surrounding skin as possible. Avoid washing your hands with aggressive soaps for at least 3 hours prior to the polishing process. Avoid water to be absorbed by the nail surface and if keep them thoroughly dry that can take several hours because the polish will not adhere very good on moisture on the nail plates. Now the process, first uses a high-quality base coating before you start with applying the actual polish. Basecoats manufacturing processes are also varying a lot. Cheaper priced base coatings will not perform as good as the more expensive brands. Higher quality base coatings will create a kind of double-sided glue effect on your nails to which the polish will adhere much stronger than if cheaper base coatings were used. This dual layer glue effect will also prevent a staining effect from the polish used by forming a ‘protective’ layer a barrier between the natural nails and the applied polish. Finally, the polish will ‘float’ on more smoothly with the higher quality base coatings +used.

After applying the base coating, a thin layer applied is usually sufficient, we continue with the actual polish which can be best applied in two thin layers over the base coating, this base coating by the way, should not be dried too much before applying the actual polish. The best results will be gained when the base coating layer feels still a little bit soft. Allow the base coating to dry only a couple of minutes before polishing the nails. After the first layer of polish let you polish dry sufficiently before you continue with the second layer of polish. Then to finish the process you can apply a good quality top coating. Top coating or clear colored nail polish is not the same and it’s better to use a top coating for the finishing layer. There are fast drying top coatings on the market, but be aware that the longer the nails are allowed for drying on a natural way without using drying enhancing products, alike drying sprays or drying drops, or other drying speed up processes, the better the end result will be. While it seems attractive to reduce the polishing process time, by any speeding-up of the processes available you should opt for the slower process because this will affect the gloss of the polish positively when it’s finally hardened. The end result when the top coating is properly air dried will be a stronger and longer lasting polish with the desired high gloss, the result a durable finished nail polish which should easily remain chip-free for a week or more.

I would definitely buy Sally Hansen!!! they have any color you can think of and you can buy them at any drug store. they have the french tip white, anything you’re looking for. the color also lasts about 6+ days for me (if you want it for that long!) so I would definitely buy that. XD

and obi is even really good they have amazing colors and it stays for a long time.
YESSS!!! O.P.I. it is the best ever!! they have it at nail salons and at beauty places in the mall. There are so many different colors to chose from and they have really cute names on them.
I use Barry M, although I use a clear strengthening base coat first then two coats of the color then the clear as at